Frank Rogers Day, a native of Aberdeen and former chairman of the board and CEO of Trustmark National Bank, founded the Luckyday Foundation to assist young Mississippians in pursuing their goals of higher education. In addition to helping students afford college expenses, Luckyday encourages students to graduate in four years while maintaining academic standards and community involvement. Through specific programming with the Luckyday Scholars Program, the selected scholars have opportunities to develop as servant leaders striving to give back to their peers, university, and communities.
Candidates for the Luckyday scholarship will be first-time entering freshmen from Mississippi who have earned a minimum 3.0 high school grade-point average and an ACT score of 20-28 (or SAT equivalent) and have completed the general scholarship application found in the MyState portal.  Select applicants will be invited to apply via an application process.  Priority will be given to students demonstrating leadership skills in school and community involvement.
In this highly competitive process,our selection committee highly values students who are involved as leaders in organizations, demonstrate long-term service with community organizations, display humility, and show follow-through in the endeavors they choose.
The students will live in designated Luckyday housing the first year, take a program course, and provide ongoing service in their continued pursuits of servant leadership.