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The Luckyday Scholars Program’s mission is to create a community of scholars who aspire to servant leadership. At the heart of that process, the scholars will be investing in the core values of scholarship, community, service, and leadership. 

Participants experience opportunities to continue their growth and development in servant leadership, to have a community of support within their cohort and the program, and to have intentional programming offering open dialogue around responsibilities of servant leadership.


Participants are offered opportunities to focus on their academic and professional growth during their pursuits toward a degree in their preferred program of study through the support of the Luckyday Scholars Program.


Shared community can empower participants as they strive to work towards their academic and professional goals. The community aspect of the program is designed to offer support.

Freshmen participants live in Cresswall Hall and participate in a 3-hour program course (fall semester). Participants are involved in intentional programming to help develop their skills and grow as leaders.


Once selected as a Luckyday Scholar, participants are required to volunteer each semester. During the freshman program course, the cohort discusses what the service could mean for themselves and others.


Through continuous programming opportunities, participants are invited to share in professional development offering dialogue around important characteristics such as humility, courage, empathy, integrity, optimism and self-awareness to help develop servant leadership perspectives.